PNS616 - Alexa, Is Mozart Deaf?


Good day lovely listeners! 

Hope you have all pulled your juicy booties (meaning your butt's, not Juicy Botties® - the Ugg®-like boot made by Juicy Couture®) out of bed, looked out the window, momentarily debated about jumping and then wondered, perhaps there is a new PNS to put in your ear. And guess what? There isn't. 

I mean there is, though a good 40 minutes (Peabody kind of stuff) got lost as we call it when we fuck up. The episode is still quite lovely, even though me talking about a date is not as riveting as watching Hoda & Kathie Lee dunk for apples in a wine filled barrel --- AND millions of people tune in to see that. 

Alrighty AFRO-ditey. I'm about to go obsessively curate Instagram photos I took on my real camera last night. Peace, love and hair grease. MUAH. ✌️&❤️.

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