PNS 636 - I Wanna Feel Good Tonight

Hey lovely listenturds,

Hope this finds you all happy and healthy!

Tonight we're all a bit out of it. Noee is ti-ti, Patrick's in a Fibro-Fog® and I'm just...well...I have no excuse. We bounce around from topic to topic. Little Harvey, lil' Friday the 13th, etc.


Much love,

PNS635- Axe the Gaywadz!

Hey lovely listeners!

Here's a follow up episode to our last. We *may* have accidentally repeated a couple ATG questions - whoops! I'm unsubscribing!

Muah! ✌️&❤️,



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PNS634 - Lot Lizards
JPEG image-0030DEEEEDD8-1.jpeg

Hi bois and squirrels,

It's been too long **that's what she said - HONK TWEET**

Anyhoosers, I mezzed this show up a little. We took a break for a cocktail refill and somehow when we started recording again, it only picked up Patrice, hehe! Not to worry, you REALLY didn't miss much. 

We got an Axe the Gaywadz in the hopper and I'll release that puppy on Monday...and I'll post the show as well.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Love you to tits and peezes.


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VINTAGE // PNS128 Fart Party!

Hey lovely listenturds! Here's another one from the archives. Obviously both you (as well as us) prefer new content, but when we can't get a new show do you feel about the VINTAGE show? Let us know on our FB page!

Love always,



We were supposed to tape and then had some vino and decided we just wanted to spend time with each other. We were all in need of some loving. 

Here's a vintage episode, hopefully less racist than the last.





VINTAGE // PNS30 What'ya Gonna' Pick, Hot Pockets!

Hey gays and gals (and you weird heterosexual dudes who listen?)

We have been a bit of a summer hiatus. I traveled to Dubai for a cosmetic surgery vacation that I had a Groupon for that was going to expire. Noah is on sabbatical and working on a very special project. I can't give details, but I have two words "jiggly boobs". Meanwhile, Patrick has been battling some legal battles with Don Jr. and Ke$ha.

Anyhooters, to keep your hungry ears fed, I figured I'd drop a couple vintage ole' skool episodes of the show.

We'll be back with fresh content next week. Hope you're enjoying your summer (teeth)! 



PNS632 - Lizzo my Eggo

Hi loves,

Dropping (a load) episode on this HAWT Sunday in Chicago. I really don't remember what we talked about, but I'm 100% sure we went to see Lizzo afterwards.

Enjoy! Thank you all for your support and tell your friends to listen.



PNS631 - Oh No

Highs and hooters,

Let's start your week off right with a little explosion of the PNS.

We invited Aaron and Greg, two long-turd listeners from Chi, to join us in the stu-jo this past weekend.

Our number one fan (Kathy Bates style) Joe sings us a lovely new opening tune, le'sigh. Patrick squeaks out some tunes of his own onto the Midcentury Modern Fart Chair®. Noah has us cowering in fear when we talk to him -- and me, I just fucking try to get it to sound decent and succeed about 6% of the time?

Enjoy the show! Keep listening, keep telling your friends and remember first and foremost..GO FUCK YOURSELVES!