PNS391 Hair Pie Burnin' on the Griddle.

On todays show we have an exclusive interview with a Dunkin' Donuts insider! Now that's a set of Double D's I could motorboat, or so I thought. Our bubble is quickly burst when we find out the insidious inner bitter workings of what we thought was America's sweetest bakery. Charlatans, the lot of them. Join us for this important expose that just might change the way you look at the state of pastry... forever. Dunkin' Donuts? More like Dunkin' Deception. Who could've imagined a corporation in America today would try to maximize their profits? Set the Boston Creme dispenser to 11, this is one spicy meatball.

We also massacre some songs, Pat reveals that he thinks all testicles are caked with feces, Cher takes it home, and Janet Jackson makes a cameo! All this, and MORE on this jam packed exciting episode of PNS EXPLOSION!!

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