PNS 379 last teaser, last push for helping get us a computer that doesn't suck!

OK! Last time with this. This is our last time to ask you to donate, and then its back to normal free episodes like we normally do. You get not only the secret show, but an extremely hot shirtless picture of our good friend Vince who was in the studio, or should i say STUD-joe. So if you hate the show but are just horny you have an incentive. You know who you am's... Sandra. If you already donated last episode you're all caught up so don't double donate.. it won't make Vince more neked, trust my girls I tried. One last thing, I invented a new character that is part Downsy, part Cher, part 40s screen siren and an Apple Genius Bar worker. So don't miss that!

Last week of haggling you