PNS 352 show notes -- A touching mother and daughter moment as Cher and Chazzy talk about her transition from big fat lesbo to smokin' hot man and flick through the cock catalogue together. So sweet! What will become of Chazzy’s enormous tits? Cher has some crafty ideas. But first, some breaking news from the PNSexplosion dot-matrix fax machine: Princess Diana is dead. Patrick Swayze: still alive. Pamela Anderson: 42, puffy and yellow. Farrah, Michael Jesus Juice, Ed McMahon, and Karl Malden: dead, dead, dead, and dead. Catherine Zeta Jones: delicious. So, Chazzy’s losing weight before having a roll of Bisquick Three-Cheese biscuit dough attached. From Fred Flintstone to Fred Savage courtesy of Edward Scissorhands. On rollerskates. Or something. Is it just about plumbing or is there more to it? Does it cost more to get a six-pack put in? Goddammit, I wish Sonny was here, the sonofabitch. Noah wants to do away with the plumbing and celebrate the intergender. Pat has a view, too. What do you think, listeners? It was all about Pride in the Chicago, a womanly celebration of gayzness and intergenderness and biness. Are even they things? After four martinis, it was fab-u-lous. There may have been some listeners, and the Pride moms were there again. Next year: PNS on Segways. Rob ended up in a cab with some random who made Chazzy look girly and had trouble at Hamburger Mary’s when he started booing her. Ladies and gentlemen: Liza Minnelli. She has many, thrilling, complex emotions about Michael’s death. Sadness, madness, badness, giggles. She knows all about pills and death. And cabaret! Cher got to talk about her sequined socks. And Celine, well, she’s just delusional. Is that Carol Channing? Is it hot in here or what? Definitely crazy. Time for “Beat It” delivered in the way that only the PNSexplosion can. Loud and dirtyPNS352
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