PNS351 Liza, two Chers and a Boniva shake

Show notes by Queen Elizabeth II -- Good evening. I am enjoying some down time by playing bingo. For those times when you can’t wait for a hangover, drink Penguin wine. One sip changes everything! And, yes – it does mess with your bloods. Rob’s working on a torch song for his next cabaret show that will mess with your mind. Happy birthday, Judy Garland! Ladies and gentlemen: Liza Minnelli. And Cher, dishing out the Premorin and the Boniva. So many memories. Well, what’s left of them. Gaw, did you see Lorna Luft’s gold lamé gunt in Grease 2?You can email Cher at, but she’s only gonna read it if someone can help her press the buttons. She’s busy in her sensory depravation tank. You have to see “The Incredible Shrinking Woman”! Lily Tomlin flips bacon and yells at Concepcion in the garbage disposal. It wasn’t Austin Scarlett taking a dump at Sidetracks. It was another Austin. Aren’t you relieved? He was. A listener calls to say the words, “Mel Gibson.” Sugar tits! Noah says he doesn’t care but still comes up with an opinion. Hurrah! Penguin Wine will get those dingleberries off your ass in seconds. Pat shares his ass-wiping secrets. Another caller accidentally played the show with the VAG wiping stick and that lovely “Don’t Stop Queefing” song in front of a patient. Awkward! What was your most awkward moment? Martha Stewart is awkward, makes her guests feel awkward and still her audience loves it. Or they’re too scared to admit they don’t. Summer’s here and that means one thing: boyfriends. I’d like Christopher Meloni to be my boyfriend. Some great 80s movies: “Just One of the Guys,” “Last American Virgin” and “My Tutor.” Netflix ‘em, kids. Cher gets a little cranky because she needs a Premorin shake and a different wig. A lovely song about pissing your pants to finish up. Call the comment line 206-888-GAYZ real soon, won’t you? Legs eleven!