PNS346 PNS Floor Mic® *by Mennon*

PNS 346 show notes by Queen Elizabeth II -- Good evening. Happy birthday, Cher. She’s 63. She doesn’t look a day over 62. So incredible, especially as she still has an umbilical cord attached to Chazzy. It must be all the Boniva. Tonight’s show is just like the olden days: just Patrick and Noah in the stujoe. Because there ain’t no party like a PNS party, it’s time to get Geiger on the line to add that sparkle that only a threesome can bring. Ding! In this week’s Irrelevant Pop Culture Moments™: “30 Rock”, something called “Community”, Joel McHale from “The Soup”, Alan Aldi, the Aldi in Ohama (it’s on Manawa Centre Drive in Council Bluffs, if you’re looking), the gay one on “American Idol”, Shawn Johnson on “Dancing with the Stars”, and Mary Lou Retton. If you don’t who or what any of these things are, fucking Google them, OK? Even I know how to do that. Did you watch the Farrah documentary? Me neither. I’ll just wait for her to drop something onto Twitter. As for Patrick Swayze, well, good luck and all. Who was the most feminine in “To Wong Foo”? The Columbian one, though he already looked like a pretty little lady. What’s Geiger Wearing? From the sounds of it, he’s just come from a hard shift on a pole at his local tittie bar. People are still watching “Grey’s Anatomy.” Really? Probably exactly the same people who are keeping “Desperate Housewives” alive. And why is Marcia Cross shilling Mott’s apple juice – does she need the money? Noah can be just as icy and just as bitchy, so give him a seven-figure cheque. He’ll clap the clapper. It’s Cannes time, so look out for the Palme d'Or going to “Just the Ten of Us: 2.” It’s genius. TV Talk: Just like poppers and over-designed, expensive underwear, “Glee” is just made for the gayz. Paula Abdul was on QVC shilling FYG. For Your Gyne? I’ll take two, although it’ll probably give me a nasty rash. There’s something very unsavory about “Moject Munway.” Maybe it’s just seeing Isaac Mizrahi’s facelift scars in HD. Quick question for the Axe the Gaywads: what do you do to put off coming? I think about Marcia Cross, Paula Abdul and Isaac Mizrahi selling me shit. Instant wet noodle. Who would be your pick for the next celebrity president? I don’t care. All blondes look the same to me. Seriously, PNS should win a Peabody Award for inventing the Floor Mic, which picks up every single fart. “Not So Fresh Air,” brought to you by Nacho Fresh. Liz out