PNS344 Yiffing Kirstie Alley

PNS 344 show notes -- Hullo. I’m Kelly McGillis. I’ve joined the VAG wymyn to talk about making love, wearing thick wool, eating carbs, and making our own moist, yoghurty Birchermüesli. This is an easy, breezy show, and beautifully lit. That must be Geiger’s influence. Let’s all go to Joy’s for pot stickers and Phuket noodles later, OK? Is Noah passive-aggressive or just distracted by all the business of getting this shit sammie recorded? Paula Abdul really needs to get herself some dignity to go with her Digesics. Pat forgets to fart right on top of the mic and Noah’s new home perm looks lovely in the light. From now on, the PNS isn’t going to make fun of anyone. Or swear. Or drink. How long do you think this will this last? A listener calls to ask about dating someone he’s got nothing in common with. Oh, honey, I did that for years until I saw the light and become a lesbian. Do you know what sweetbreads are? They’re not sweet or breads, that’s for sure. Pat needed to have a C-section to rip out his 10lb food baby. And suddenly the all-new clean-and-sober PNS is over. Someone else calls in about his friend getting some course credits but I couldn’t get the gist of it. At all. Some chat about the shitters at Sidetrack and the thrilling, sordid history of each of them. Carl, you know better. What begat what on VH1? A shitload of STDs, that’s for sure. One second the show is totally in-the-moment delicious and the next it’s awkward. You’ll hear why. Another tweeky couple of Axe the Gaywads questions: What kind of furry would you be? And who’s the fattest man you’d have sex with? Yiffing Kirstie Alley should cover both bases, I guess. Pat calls time on this show to ream the crew like a blanched lime for a bonus show. Coming right up!