PNS 343 show notes by Queen Elizabeth II -- Good evening.The boys are back from a break doing fun and fabulous things. America’s Podcasting Curmudgeon™ Chris Geiger is in town to start his gender reassignment surgery – he’s getting a gyne put in as well as keeping his peen so he can be doing double doody – so he’s on the show. Kelly McGillis came out, so now we all have re-watch “The Accused” for the chemistry. Is someone frying bacon in the stujoe? No, the wires just need wiggling. Bea’s gone and Farrah’s not doing so good. But Noah’s dance performance was awesome – those two-count cooter slams were insane! Keep those DVD orders coming in, kids. It’s the best $50 you’ll ever spend, unless you’ve got really hot hookers in your neighborhood. Oh, lord – Starkeesha drops in for five seconds. If you don’t know who Starkeesha is, you really need to by the 300 shows DVD. Capsule movie reviews of just about everything you can see at the moment. They’re all fine. Just fine. Halle Berry is getting prepped for her big role “X-Men Origins: Shit Storm.” Patrick lets one rip and it’s totally Denanana. Can you catch swine flu if you make out with Kirstie Alley? Back to Kelly McGillis: remember how hawt she was in “Top Gunt”? That sex scene with Tom Cruise involved some serious acting. Pat fingered a cop after Rob’s birthday party drinks. Strike up the band! Actually, he did more than finger him – and he did it at the office. Boo-yeah! You have to check out and They’re both fabulous. Some guy outside the Sidetracks replaced his “Toodle-pip!” with “I’ll kill you!” That’s what you get for turning down an eight-ball of napalm at 5.30 on a Thursday afternoon, apparently. Quick listener call to ask Pat about being a vegetarian. Pat’s been a vegetarian since 1996, but it doesn’t stop him sticking meat in his mouth, if you know what I mean. And you know what I mean. Are you following Joy Behar (@JoyVBehar) on Twitter? What does that V stand for? Cell phones changed the movies forever. Can you imagine “Dial M for Murder” these days? It’d be called “Speed Dial 3 and Auto-Complete for Murder.” ’Nother show coming right up! Liz out.