PNS342 I Smell Husbands.

PNS 342 show notes by a baseball fan -- Well, hi there, fellas. I’m America’s Favourite Pastime. Omigod, I mean, I love baseball and junk. Seriously, where else can you gonna find a husband these days? The Bushes – Laura, Barbara, George W., and Jenna – are in to introduce the show. How did these gay guys get the First Family to do this? What? There’s a new president? Shet. I gotta pay more attention to the news, but it's so boring. Poor Jenna – she just can’t keep out of the turlet. Been there before, girlfriend! New back-lighting in the stujoe makes Noah look like Stevie Nicks. Gimme Some Coke! Just steck it in any hole you can find. Pat recalls his lovely Sprite Nites in Peony Park. 7 Up Gold was 7 Up and ginger ale. Could use some vodka in that, I think, yeah? I can’t believe they’ve stopped making Zima. I loved that shet. The comment line – 206-888-GAYZ – is working and Judi Dench calls in to prove it. Seriously, do these gay guys know everybody? Miranda Samantha calls in and wants to speak to the VAG gals. Valerie, Alexis and Gyna talk about their musty size-48 pants. Ew. Ladies, you’ve gotta stop blimping out. You’re never gonna land a husband looking like that. Lay off the fried churros for five minutes. Don’t you wish your life partner was hot like me? I have great tits, right? You can’t ride a bike side-saddle. You can ride me any way you like. Miley Cyrus calls in to promote her book, CD and film but Daddy needs her. Omigod, I love powder-pink Cub hats! So much! Ha-ha-ha! Crying girls in the street around Wrigley Field. That’s funny to me. Imagine. Let’s go to Bar Louie for dollar burgers sometime. Do you like my hair? The boys are going to see “Cats” at a community college. Omigod, that sounds so awesome. I love kittens. Someone calls in but he’s kinda drunksies and gets called away. Probably by his girlfriend, right? Rob’s sister and her fat friend were hungies at Sidetrack. If you’re a girl and you can’t get food or cock, what’s the freakin’ point, right? I’m outta here – I smell husbands.