PNS341 Your Cup Runneth Ovary Part Troi

PNS341 show notes by a dripping wet BBW -- It’s your third show in three days, you lucky sonsabitches. Go ahead, stuff ’em in. Can I offer you a T-shirt cannon full of chocolate pudding? Ka-boom! Right in your pie hole. Kristin Chenoweth is plucky, irritating and all her cartoon voices sound exactly the same, while Robin Quivers’ quivering pussy sounds exactly like The Flight of the Bumblebee. “17 Again” made Pat’s pussy quiver. Zac Ephron dances during a basketball game – again. Man, that kid is kinda typecast. Meanwhile, Noah is practicing his two-count cooter slam-dunks for his big dance debut next week. Where the hell are Cher’s residual’s for TaB Clear? Gee, Your Downstairs Hair Smells Terrific™. Did Michael Douglas fuck Jeanne Tripplehorn in the A? How could you tell? There’s a black drag queen in Augusta, Georgia, called Fantasta. Fantastic! Susan Boyle is Dumpsy McDumpers with a good voice. Just wait until teh gayz get hold of her. End of story. Speaking of unnecessary transformations, there’s a special place in hell for the producers of “The Swan.” The contestants all come out with horse veneers, big tits and huge hair. Even the women. Dor’thea is right outside Noah’s new place, while Dor’thea’s friend is kinda pushy. The 300 shows DVDs are being sent out as fast as Old Bessie can pump them out. How to audition for your guest spot in the PNS stujoe: buy Rob drinks. This week’s Irrelevant Pop Culture Moments™ star Ed Westwick, Spencer Pratt, Lauren Conrad, Chelsea Handler, Ashton Kutcher on Twitter, Ashton Kutcher on Demi Moore, Martha Stewart, Roselyn “Russell” Sanchez, Ellen DeGeneres and Hayden Pantietear. It’s all totally irrelevant. Now that Rob’s a stay-at-home mom, he slips on his kaftan and flip-flops, opens a box o’ wine and watches Oprah. This week: cock-cutter Lorena Bobbit, skater-hater Tonya Harding, who’s now proper and has Prednisone face, and a bunch of baby-drowners. So much for Live Your Best Life. There are lots of us BBWs on Xtube, who are either getting slammed by hot guys or just sitting around eating junk. Now, they’re my kinda gals! Somebody please buy Noah a subscriptions to Plumpers Magazine. He would love it. A listener calls for advice about his relationship, because when I think about the subtle aspects of love and romance, I think PNS, don't you? Retardo-Cher takes the question. And the Don Juan of the Midwest, Pat. There’s valuable advice for you. Besides Scherzinger, the Ussy Cat Dolls are Slutzies, Stinkzies, Whorzies and Grumpy. Send your summer jams suggestions to Tax-i!