PNS338 Piles of Colored Fondant Formed into Vizslas and Vag

PNS 338 show notes by this beautiful lady -- Yeah, hi. What do you think? Pretty, huh? I thought so. Rob is fully prepared and on. Noah’s not sure if he’s Hilary, Miley or Tiffany Towers. Pat’s not sure if he’s Southern, British or retarded. Yes, it’s just another ordinary day with the PNSexplosion. Tracy, Tracee and Tiffany have their Mystic Tans on and are scouting for husbands at Wrigley Field. Or at least a little muff-diving in the PortaPotties. Shet. Three cheers for Iowa, home of Mamie Eisenhower, Lara Flynn Boyle and the Eastern Goldfinch. Also, gay marriage. Screw you, San Francisco – we’re going to Des Moines! Goodbye Disneyland and hello Adventureland. We’re gonna have a fun-filled day! And a quickie abortion. Shout outs to new listeners, old listeners, “Declan Channing”, Pat’s new Facebook friends, those guys from Sidetrack the other night, current listeners and, what the hell, unsubscribers. Were you a door-slammer as a moody teen? Or will you wait until after the commitment ceremony to start up that particular drama? Good for you. There’s a bar right across the bridge from Omaha in Iowa that turns ridiculously gay for just one hour before it closes. Haven’t we all done that? TV Talk: “Project Runway” is out, “Moject Munway” is in, hosted by, I dunno, Don and Cheryl or junk. “Ace of Cakes” is just piles of colored fondant formed into vizslas and vag. On the Style Network, “Ruby” is about a redhead who wears red and her name is Ruby. Geddit? She’s 700lbs on her way to 150. Then what, huh? Get all the loose skin trimmed off and it’s straight back to mediocrity. I know all about that. It doesn’t matter what she puts on her feet, they all end up as flats. Sophia Coppola adores her. Go to your closest mall and visit Throat Potato More®. And yes, you will be having the extra gravy. Rob saw Scott, who’s doing fine, thanks for asking. Zac Ephron is the only person in the world who constantly brushes his fringe *into* his eyes – besides me. We’re both lovely. Leslie Kritzer is a star. Google her before she Googles you. Quick call: this guy at work looked just like Noah. Freakin’ freaky, right? Obvious: Tub Girl is gross. Not obvious: she’s great for parties. Noah has to get to his yoga-jazz class. It’s downward dogs with head rolls, flick kicks and ball changes. What the what? Call 206-888-GAYZ, bitches. Go on. Kissy, kissy