PNS334 PNS to go.

PNS334 show notes by Cheers, you can call me Lilibet -- O hai! Got a light? This show comes to you at 50mph from the mobile PNS studio, Shitty Shitty Gang Bang. And Pat’s driving, so hold on — it’s gonna be a white-knuckle ride with a white jean-short finish. Squeals on wheels! The boyz are on their way to see “Beef Curtains” in an outlying suburb of Anchorage. It's a pre-Jeff Awarded show-within-a-show, so talking about it on PNS makes it a show-within-a-show-within-a-show. I’m getting dizzy just thinking about it. Kipper, a chimp at Lincoln Park Zoo, just died of pneumonia. Wink! Here, have some faeces. It’s time for super-funzies car games, so play along at home: “Tinkles or Stinkies?”, “Would You Rather?” and “Make It Dirty: the Chicago Suburb Edition.” The correct answers are “Stinkles,” “Both” and “Bumping Monsclare.” Everyone was slipped roofies on the weekend and lost their wallets, phones, keys, pants, minds, dignity and about nine hours. The First 300 Episodes DVD is heading for #1 with a bullet, so blow your stimulus package wad and get it while it’s hot. Did you see me grabbing Michelle Obama’s ass? Check it out on Boomtacular. BTW, cheers to the bloody lot of you! Hic.