PNS333 I can haz vag.

PNS333 show notes by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II -- Good evening. This show is halfway to number 666, so we’re officially on a highway to hell. Just coincidentally, Rob’s back on board. It’s fast-moving funzies tonight, so please lower the safety bar until it clicks, hang on and enjoy the ride. Some listeners want to be guests but there will have be phone auditions as well as urine tests because self-medicating isn’t always performance-enhancing. Listen in as the equipment is MacGyvered back together with a little tape, a stapler and some spit. It’s time for a shrill trip down Buenos Aires way. Gobble up a queso fundido and get some real action south of the border. Wink! Is there bacon frying in the studio? Or fakon? Such a buzz! A good name for the white sister of a famous drag black queen: SuePaul. What are yours? Have you seen “Gay Chicken” on Xtube? Is it anything like LOLcatz? I can haz vag. The most disgust in the Xtube is some whiny whore getting from a big black guy. There’s your massive stimulus package. If you’ve just come out to your parents, calling 206-888-GAYZ should be your first stop afterwards. Axe a question. Leave a comment. Breathe heavily. Whatevs. Someone calls about the PNS Wikipedia page. Are you a cough away from a stinky or a sneeze away from a shart? Someone else calls in but I lost consciousness during the call. You will, too. Out. Of. It. Another caller has a question for everyone but can’t remember Rob’s name. Hey, buddy: it’s Rob! write it down. Don’t forget to watch “Keeping Up With The Sarkisians,” 9 Eastern, 8 Central. Cherilyn is brilliant. Big mega-shrill finish with “It’s A Hard Fuck Life”. You can buy a copy of the first 300 episodes of the ‘splosion and a bunch of vidcasts for $50, which is £34 in my money or 1,682 rubles if you’re Russian. Just go to PayPal and slide your cash into to get that particular ball rolling. You know you want it. Liz out.

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