PNS331 Mandouche vs Ladydouche.

PNS331 show notes by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II -- A gay man in a musical? Whatever next? While Rob’s on assignment, Marc and Emily are back for round two. Here’s how to use “sharmoot” in a sentence: “Ikhlassy akhrasi ya sharmoot wa iftahy khashmik.”* Time to get down to business: lady business. Emily fields more questions about gyne, like what the hell is going on down there and how does it work? They smell like Depends, taste like Chicken In A Biskit and you can use them for off-street parking. Handy! Patrick says he once fingered a gyne in his Dodge Omni, although he was probably looking for loose change in the seats and got carried away. The tables turn when Emily and Marc ask about man-douching. Water in, precious stones out. No vinegar, no basil. What-what? 10 quick questions for Emily from virgins, 13-year-olds and clueless boys. I think we all learned something. Urethra Franklin might want a little respect, but not in that demented hat. Who sent in “The Book of Bunny Suicides”? Own up! Ashley Simpson has shruggy shoulders and the Joffrey Dancers have supertight boxes. A lovely new tune to infect your brain: “Suddenly I Queefed.” Vanity plates to consider: DIK SKR, FNGR BLST or 2PNK 1STNK. Call 206-888-GAYZ with your burning questions. Liz out.


*Translation: “Shut up man-bitch and open your mouth.”