PNS329 JFG Mayo

PNS329 show notes by special guest, Jackeé Harry -- Miss Jackeé in the house, y’all! I am excited, I am very thrilled and I am, ooh, vibratin’ to be telling y’all about this here Penis Explosion. That sound kinda dirty. He-he! OK. What they talkin’ about here? Farts? What the hell? I gotta talk to my agent. Why that girl wanna put a mic near her ass? Wait — that’s a man? Damn! Now they be talking to a boy called Andy from Tennessee. Why they want him on this show and not a cert-i-fied su-per-star like me? Oh, well. He sounds nice enough. He’s got a jar of JFG mayonnaise and a Sony Cyber-shot. We should get together, Mr Andy. We could have us a real good time. Hoo! Giiirl, he sound der-licious! I don’t know who these JonBenets or Caleys or Chandras or Natalees are. They all sound very, y’know, white. But I know who Lil’ Kim is and I sure know who Little Debbie is. Mmm-hmm. Unwrap me a smile or, even better, unwrap me a box of them Chocolate Fudge Swirls – and I mean now! Someone calls in to ask when you can tell your child is gay. My baby’s daddy was my hairdresser from Joyce’s Exquisite Styles & Hair Care. You can do your own math on that one. I need to gets me a real man. I wanna do my own thing thing and more of it! Kate Winslet, don’t you be calling up this show and talking about yo damn Ocscar! You ain’t never won no Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series and guess what: you ain’t never gonna, either. I gotta go buy me a Hoveround. Ooh, Mary!