PNS327 Mariska Magdolna Hargitay *plate smash*

Show notes by her Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II -- Good evening and welcome to the New. Stu. Joe. You can take a look around if you go to Facebook and search for “PNSexplosion Podcast”. Become a fan while you’re there. Or not. What do I care? I have millions of fans, except I call them “subjects”. Noah has moved into his new palace, so shrillcasting is on hold until he figures out if his new neighbors can stand living next to Celine Dion, the cast of “Dreamgirls” and Jenna Bush. Mama! What never, ever gets old: videos of fat fucks being dragged along by speedboats being strangled by twisted-up parasails. I think I just pooped myself a little bit. Rob’s away rehearsing his new show, a musical about an aphasic stroke victim. Strike up the band! Things get huffy with some Dust-Off because nothing says “good times” like that cheap difluoroethane buzz. Patrick fesses up that he huffed a 3M product back in high school, but you just know it was probably Post-it® Flags. Caulk talk: Patrick’s is browning and turning inward. Isn’t DVR delicious? America’s Podcast Curmudgeon, Chris Gieger, joins the discussion via satellite and reveals he is currently DVRing everything on the air. What do you DVR? Coming very soon: The Ultimate PNSexplosion Collection – The First 300 Episodes will be available on RapidCher. Chazzy was named after Mommy’s first movie, “Chastity”, which came out just after Chazzy was born. Chazzy should be thankful Mommy made that movie - otherwise her name would have been “Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean.” Irrelevant Pop Culture Moments™ starring Eva Longoria Parker, Mariska Magdolna Hargitay and the KKK: Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, chucking wads of cash at their party guests. Those hefty Armenian gals are just so damn classy. Come on, kids – spread the word about the ‘splosion: review this shit sammy on iTunes and Twitter the twat out of it. Call the Gayz on 206-888-GAYZ. Liz out.