PNS322 Nooner

PNS 332 show notes by This Random Woman --

Heeeeey!!! Watchya’ll doin’? I be gettin my drank on. You want summa dis? No? OK, be like that. These PNSexplosion peoples stopped me while I was running down the street with my gallon jug of wine to make a real important announcement. Here it is:

“PNSexplosion: The First 300 Episodes” is ready. Finally. Here’s how to get it:

1. Go to
2. Dump $50 into the PNS account:
3. Make sure you include your mailing address!

You’ll get a DVD – signed, goddammit! – with 300 shit sammies and vidcasts. Yo ears is gonna be bleedin’!

Haven’t got a fiddy? Get yo friends together. Give 1,000 nickel beejers. Find a way. Or email Patrick and start bargaining.

I don’t know what the hell this show’s about. Everyone’s called Natasha, or somefin. They be reeeeeeeeeeal gay. Listen to it yoself. I see ya later, honey, okaaaay? Wooooooo!