PNS325 Hopin' to find, we're two of a kind.

PNS 325 show notes by her Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II --
Good evening. One is pleased to note that Rob has returned to put the R back into PNSexplosion. Oh, that didn’t work. Moving on. The show opens with a lovely rendition of the “Silver Spoons” theme someone sent in. Who? I guess we’ll never know. [ed. note-- this was by Kentie from Thanks Kentie!!] Instead, Cher’s Kitty Litter View Oscar Extravaganza is hosted by her, Cher, and her son daughter Chazzy. Liza thinks she’s back at Studio 54, dancing the night away with Margaret Trudeau, who used to go there to deal with her bipolar depression. Another bonkers French-Canadian, Celine Dion, drops by the poop pit. Her fart will go on. Andy-not-Andrew Melton is too famous to pick up. The phone, that is. On the Food Network they’re making a cake for Miley Cyrus. I hope someone smacks it into Billy Ray’s face as payback for “Achy Breaky Heart”. The Oscars are coming up. Helen Mirren won Best Actress in 2007 for playing me, the queen, in “The Queen”. Her tits weren’t quite as magnificent as mine but otherwise, not bad. I made her a Dame for her troubles. Isn’t a blart a blood fart? America’s Podcast Curmudgeon, Chris Gieger, takes a day off to enjoy the asexual Morrissey’s new album and watch the sexless “High School Musical 3”. From "Something Is Squeezing My Skull" to “We're All in This Together” – talk about an emotional roller-coaster. Whoa! Denise Rish-ards, who was voted Worst Bond Girl of All Time for playing a nuclear physicist in a tank top and hot pants, just celebrated her 38th birthday. Rob’s back from playing a drunk in a play where a cute tot called Hedvig drops dead. Good times, Henrik Ibsen. Seriously, Pat will keep asking you to sponsor his greasy diarrhea blasts until you do it, so cough up $5 through PayPal and get a shout out on the rilly big shew. You know they’re funnier with a coupla wines in ’em. The Stalker-Rapist-Serial Killer drops by to threaten everyone. Winky icon! The first time I masturbated was at the investiture of Prince Constantine Alexios of Greece. Yes! Yes! Yes! Speed dial 206 888 GAYZ to Aks the Gaywads or send the Fax of Life. Drizzle your comments over Serve immediately. Liz out