THANKS ANDERS!! Your album art rocks more than my life partner's GYNE after taking a sit bath in bud light after a softball game..

Hey Dykes,
Alex's mic was dying because my life partner shoved it into my hoo-ha and I came multiple times. Then we ate some pizza and hummos and had some beers. Anyways, Alex's mic sucks, so be sure to turn it up to hear her. She says things for comedic effect because this is a comedy show.

This episode is brought to you by Open Industrial 22 Gauge Clip Type Adjustable All Steel Shelving. Open Industrial brings you the finest in 22 guage clip type adjustable all steel shelving in Chicago. If its not Open Industrial, its poop.

*UPDATE* I've been gone all day playing softball and puting up shelves. Here's the right link.

PNSexplosion - Episode 164