PNS171 Botany, boquet garni, and explosive bloody diarrhea.

Hi porcupines, as hilarious as all the mean comments are, we have to draw the line at the attacks to our friends and significant others, ergo the shiney brand-new ban on comments. We love you guys, but the few bad apples out there will have to brush the Dorito and Zinger crumbs off your mustard stained poly-cotton blend muumuu and get a new hobby. Holly Hobby.
BUTT!, please do email us with your love, or use your energy usually set aside to APPLE "R"ing Safari over and over to see if someone responded to your last comment, to call our comment line. 206 888 GAYZ.

Love each of you hard. You, you, you, and mmm, you in the back. Especially you.