Skull fuck my nose. - PNS157 - 03.12.07

We do some voicemails (call 206 888 GAYZ you queerbait). Happy Monday. Scott was up late then yuked, then had rill bad ree-ree and yawns through a lot of the episode. I'm a bit worn out from teaching 7 classes in one day. Eating our weight in pizza slut did not help our tiredness. Totes seepy-seeps ti ti red for ni ni. Pat only grows stronger with every slice of carbo-laden greezy pizza and cinna-styx and is all fired up.
We start things off with a Don Twine remix of Hot Mashed Potatos. Freakin' hilar! But seriously is that jazz keyboarding riff from the prog-rock band Yes?
Gieger saves our shit sammy and sticks it to us hard with an ANTM update. It really tickles me because he's at once so angry and so bored. He, like always, makes that train wreck of a show hilarious. Thank goodness for little girls, and Gieger.
Prezzies! from our UPS store! Someone sent Scott some rice paper for his greezy daygo face, it immediately turns transparent because he is a dirty godless guappo. Prism Guard Panty-Shield tee had me at hello, but I'm a faggot so I'm not allowed to fight the "war" on "terror" that is in no way about oil. Dogs do not like Greenies treats, but that's just because Dahlia is an ungrateful whore-dog with a fupa and dirty vajeen. Pat stepped in Dahlia feces earlier and she kept sniffing his heal which totally grossed him out. Dahlia sure does love poop! Someone sent me a whole fucking box of hand warmers! I love it when you guys take care of me. My hands and heart are warmed. :) Sharon from Tampon sent us a litteral shitload of pixie sticks that will eventually lead to losing my little toe. They are the giant ones in the plastic tubes. Good thing someone sent us that One Touch. Ooh, I'll totally measure my blood sugar before and after pixie stick in an upcoming episode. Wouldn't that be hilar if I was diagnosed with type 2 diahbeetus live on the show?!

Music from PNS fave Fourfour. Spanks Rich.

PNSexplosion - Episode 157