Live axe the Wads - PNS161 - 03.28.07

I'm in France y'all! We drove through South France, and now Gay Expat is ever so gracious to have us over in Paris. Devin and I are having an amazing time. Tré romantic! Thanks to Ryan too! He let us stay at his flat in London. We both wish we had more time with you Ryan! Come to Chicago sometime.

On to the episode. Tradgedy express, all aboard-- David and Devin in the house. Drink spilled on account of 8 million cords. Hand wringing about coat (I have a stain stick you can use). St. Patty day rapee's. We talk about our outfits. Shelly Long is a whore. What did we do today? Devin isn't any drunker than us, just shy everyone. Having diabeetus is hard and junk. No headphones make Skype all echoey n' shit. Pat's dead mom doesn't wear headphones. Devin privates are huge. Ah, we fix skype. Pat is bofe shower and a grower and his cock gets a yellow participation ribbon. Dave's cock is "fine", but probably huge. My cock is huge, and Devin agrees. Chris has a nice Italian sassage that is 7.5 inches. HAY! Chris is single and lovin' it. Beejer talk. Mrs. Garrett script on the way! I phone in my Mrs. Garrett impersonation. I just now realize that Chris Diani is the famous indi-filmaker! Neat! I meant to axe him if he knows of Shawn Durr. Wool sweater is good for the humidity. Anonymous movie talk. More beejer talk. Netflix queu. Devee's Sister Bertril makes me giggle. We're Going to Get It Tonight (That's right, ooh Yeah!) song ends.

PNSexplosion - Episode 161