Got Blacklung? - PNS160 - 03.20.07

Funny show today! Sussie Sisson is back in the hizzy and did her best to not talk about fingerbanging. Voice letter-box time. We make haikus, and make fun that all of you are methadone addled burn victims. Call 206 888 GAYZ. Right now. Then leave a comment for this show and boomtacular. It makes us feel oh so happy.
Woo! Gieger time! Gieger gives us ANTM update. Gieger needs to move here because I love him so.
Jeopardy time! Straight girls end up coming in and are gassy, but in a strange and unexpected turn don't fingerblast. Well played ladies. Got blacklung? Try new Lungbrush, from 'Scuse ME!®, the sister company of Right Lady's?®, the makers of Raspberry Rain Douche for Your Butt, Your Manbutt. We do something completely original and refreshing and sing Hot Mashed Potatos Tonight a-freakin-gain. Just a note to listeners: if you don't like a skit, like say The Jesuit Priests, its best to not tell me and Pat. We'll just do it more. Pat tells us about when he was 13 years old and wore a flimsy white linen skirt and got raped during his family reunion. International call from Saudi Arabia! Neat. We don't quite understand the question so we do a fatwah. Kelly Rippa, Regis, Dekota Fanning, Elizabeth Hasselbeck (note to Jehad Jerry: please make it violent), Ann Coulter (obvious, but whateves), Gale King, Oprah, and the makers of The Secret. Sandra Lee gets a fatwah warning and Pat wants to shank her right in the puss which is pretty reasonable once you think about it. We forget about trying to answer the previous question from Saudi Arabia. I tell everyone my deep dark secret about sticking a Stain Stick up my butt. Don't tell anyone, because I'd be totally mortified. I also used to bite and fuck pillows. But, shhh, don't tell anyone my shame.
Because I know so much about women's bodies, I describe female masturbation. Sussie debunks our wine soaked tampon in butt theory. Does anyone know about this, or have tried it? Uh oh, Pat's mic is cutting out. Sussie tells us her story about applicating her first tampon, which is funny and heartwarming. Love Sussie to bits. How much do we love Ikea Meatballs? Pat would totally get it on with the cadavers at Body World (yes, he is that emotionally unavailable). I kid, I kid.
Losin' Steam (Tonight!) song. We really only planned on a 20 minute show, but end up closing out after 50 minutes with an Eyetalian disco song from Fourfour.

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PNSexplosion - Episode 160